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- Together we’re #RebuildingOurIslandHome -


Our country has declared a climate emergency.


Since September, our island home has been on fire. Bushfires have destroyed over 12 million acres of land this season (that’s about the size of Belgium and The Netherlands combined) and it’s not over yet. Over 480 million animals have died, with many more left homeless or starving. Thousands of homes have been destroyed and worst of all, we’ve lost 23 precious lives.


As individuals we’ve donated money and supplies, but as a business we wanted to do more. At the moment, media coverage for this climate emergency is at an all time high, but when the fires slow down, the coverage will too, and for many Australians, that will just be the beginning of a long journey to rebuild. We won’t be feeling the effects of these fires for months, we’ll be feeling these effects for years, and so we put our heads together to come up with an initiative that would keep on giving.


What are we doing and how can you get involved?


For every business card order of 1,000 quantity or more, we’re going to plant a tree. Not just for the month of January, but for the foreseeable future, because we know it won’t all be over when the coverage stops. We believe that together, we can help rebuild our precious country one tree at a time and truly make an impact. A message, we hope you feel strongly enough to stand behind to support our country in desperate need of help. Together we’re #RebuildingOurIslandHome


But how will you know we’ve done it?


Once a week we’ll email you an e-card for each tree that has been donated on your behalf.

Together, we can make a difference.


Together, we’re #RebuildingOurIslandHome.

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